Delivering true security is not a one size fits all solution. And no one application has the same need as another. Gordon’s Security Ceilings aim to deliver the height of security.

Gordon Security Systems Division, a division of Gordon, Inc., is the leader in the design and manufacture of specialty metal security ceilings. Gordon’s Integrum™ Metal Snap-In Security Ceiling System (formerly known as Lockdown®) and Cel•Line® Metal Plank Security Ceiling System are well known throughout the Security industry for their performance, quality, and ease of installation. Gordon also provides accessory components to complement the system. And we are endorsed and approved by the State of New York Department of Corrections, Federal Bureau of Corrections and the U.S. Marshal’s Service, underscoring our proven capabilities.



IntegrumTM Snap-In

Gordon Integrum Metal Snap-In Security Ceiling is a tamper evident grid based ceiling system utilized in supervised security environments within correctional facilities, detention centers, judicial buildings, public safety buildings, medical/psychiatric facilities, and the commercial market.

Cel•Line® Planks

Gordon Cel•Line Metal Plank Security Ceiling is a shiplap, tamper-proof ceiling system design intended for unsupervised, high security environments primarily within correctional facilities, detention centers, judicial buildings, and medical/psychiatric facilities.

For 55 years Gordon, Inc. has delivered innovative architectural and engineered solutions for interior and exterior commercial building architecture. Gordon’s Security Ceiling Systems Division addresses security ceiling challenges and takes a multidisciplinary approach to developing superior solutions with matchless support and services. With Gordon there are no limits, only impassioned innovation.